The Grind

Ahh a good 3 day
weekend and a 3 day work week. I’m leaving town this weekend to visit some friends
in Atlanta. Good time to get away. 

Finished Mom’s
PC this weekend. Made sure the new modem and internet account works. Tried out
Winlinux on it. The system kept freezing up before I could login to KDE. Deleted
it, no problem. Installed a new modem in Niki’s current system. She likes it
and can tell that it it a bit faster. Hard to believe that we use to surf on
14.4 modems…ick. I installed StarOffice on Victor Friday and I’m going to
dive into it when I have a chance. Installed well and I can actually edit HTML.
Don’t know if I like the interface, but we’ll see. I have a spare AMD K6 233
chip setting on my desk and I might actually build a new system soon. I can
get an ATX case cheap and a motherboard for a reasonable price. Would be nice
to get a system working with WinME for testing. I’m going to clear out some
systems soon. I keep trying to scale everything down to 3 systems. Those system
should be MadCow (Win2k), Victor (Caldera Linux), and  PseudoMac (MacOS/Linux).
Don’t know about the others, I am going to scrap my Netware 3.12 box (386) and
Possibly a Frankenstein Box (Linux). I really hate to ditch a beat to hell computer
that works great. I just ordered a new CPU for Niki’s new system and a video
card for a client. Niki’s system should be complete real soon and free up some
room to test/dismantle/discard some of the older equipment.

Yes, I am leaving
this weekend…….haven’t been out of town in a while and I really need to