Moot Points

I have been working
working working like a Keebler Elf today. One of my reps invited me to a free
lunch at a very nice restaurant. Good food, easy discussion. Looked back on
some of my previous posts and was amused about how I was when it was time to
move. I should know in the next few weeks what part of town I’m moving to. Niki
really digs her place, good part of town, near the mall. I like that area, but
I also want to be a downtowner. I truly like this place on the North Shore,
but the distance from work and Niki is too much. I need to decide soon.

I’m still waiting
on some of the items I’ve purchased on ebay. Damn this is getting annoying.
I might go back to other companies. I ordered Niki another battery for
her phone a week ago and they are just now shipping it out.