Tornado Death Mode

I found myself
in a place I rarely find myself……at home with nothing to do. I wound up
prepping Maggie (MadCow’s twin) for a motherboard and memory upgrade. The 233
will work, I just need a heat sync and a fan. I found the 64mb of ram I stored
away before I moved and cleaned up the case. The switch on the power supply
was sticking. I would have to reach in and pull the thing on and off. The original
PS wasn’t capable to supporting a few devices, it was burning out motherboards,
so I swapped it with an old one a friend had around. Somehow in the install,
I had a good PS, but it had a bad switch. My old Tiger case has a nice PS that
has been used very little, so I decided on ripping out the PS to the Novell
server and while I was at it, rip out the memory as well. The PS fits, switch
works and I have 30-pin 4mb SIMMs I can use in a SimmSaver. The case for the
Novell server is dusty but good. I’m going to send that one to deep storage,
and the motherboard into the trash. It’s a 386/40, so why should I keep that
when I have 486 and Pentium boards sitting around. The CD and HD for that system
will come out of F4 or Frankenstein 4. The machine looks like hell, but the
parts are good, and they will be extra good in Maggie. I need to see how much
memory is in there too. Maggie’s old Gateway case is well built and quite possibly
the nicest case I’ve ever dealt with. It has two fans with a space for one more
that might go in tonight. It is an AT case, so it’s time is limited, but as
long as there is a useable AT motherboard out there she will be used.