– Worked on a friend’s PC yesterday. When he got it in 95, it was frickin sweet.
A P90 with 16mb of ram, ATI rage and a gig HD. It’s still a good machine, well
built with the only problem being that Windows95 was dying. Now this was .950
for those interested, so I format /q everything and install 95b. Boots quicker
and runs great under 16mb of ram. If I had a few more 8s, I would have upgraded
it to 32mb. A machine like that is still a good machine, only speed demons will
disagree. I use a 350 at work and I do like it, but for general home browsing
and games a classic pentium will still work….cheaply. I will say that 64mb
of ram would help most machines.

So much work to
do this week on and after hours and I haven’t even gone in yet. Posts might
be limited to a few words and grunts.