Pirates, Ghosts, and Tigger Too

Halloween was tonight and we got wiped out….I really mean we gave each kid
one piece of candy and we were out in two hours. I’ve lived in places that had
only about 10 kids per night so this was a shocker. We had fun and gave candy
to anyone who came by. Niki dressed as Rizzo and I guess I looked like some
poor shlub from the 50’s. No slicked back hair or leather jacket. 

I’ve been really jumping at work. We have a banquet Friday so I worked all
weekend on programs and anything else that was needed. I’ve been putting in
about 6 day a week, Sunday-Friday, so I can get some of my work done. This hasn’t
left too much time to play around with systems. I have kicked up my research
and study of ASP. I have some ideas that I really want to put to use in the
"Content Management" folder right now. Priority 1 is to ditch our
current intranet phonebook for an ASP-based one that can be managed by Telecommunications
via an access database. That would take me out of the loop for updating that
section of the intranet. I’ve found a nice and free product that I’m testing
now. I will secure a page so only admins and telcoms can update it. Priority
2 is to find an email to ASP Database manager. I want to take emails with a
certain subject and put those into a database that updates, via ASP, a News
page. Similar idea to SLASHcode, but
with IIS/NT in mind. Priority 3 is to sit down and actually make a year long
plan of where the intranet needs to be. On top of the priorities, I am going
to clean up the intranet page a bit and transfer some ideas over in doing so.
Just think, this is just for the intranet, I have more in mind for the 
.org site.