Oops over out of time

Is it really November?
I’ll be damned. I seriously cannot believe that the year is almost over, and
my birthday is real soon now. The year 2000 has been a
strange year for me. I’ve gone from being seriously burned out to changing to
my dream job, to starting this site, to moving out. I’ve seen good friends get
married, future nieces and nephews grow way too fast, and friends that need
my help. If anything this year has been a year of reflection for me. I’ve strived
to make myself a better person, more considerate…and no I’m not running for
office. However, my head is still scrambled…..I have some clear plans on what
I want to do, but I have too much going on right now to make it possible. Definitely
going back to school is up there and so is getting my A+ cert. I  have
looked into Phoenix U and the local programs around here, but I don’t know.
I think I really need to set some serious goals and timelines for my personal
life. I will go back to school for a business degree and not a C.S. degree.
I have working experience of computers and from the classes I had, it would
dumb me down if I went back for a C.S degree. What is really necessary, and
trust me I’ve talked to a few of my mentors about this, is a business background.
It is rare for someone with my work experience and my age to have the insight
into two different parts of a hospital, marketing & CIS. I’ve learned a
lot about the business side of things and to advance, I need to have the "traditional"
background.  Lots of reflection going on my my cluttered little head.