Ich bin ein Berliner

Yes, I am a hamburger.
I need to be silly today since everything else is so serious. 

Over the past week
I’ve witnessed way too many friends have problems. One of my friends has been
diagnosed with Sinus Cancer, stage 4. This is a rare cancer in North America
and there is more of it in Asia than anywhere else. Stage 4 is where it has
moved to other tissue in the sinus, other related tissue or other parts of the
body. The treatment for this stage is surgery or radiology or clinical trial
drugs. Here is the
U.K. site I found this at.
She has a 6 or 7 year old daughter and is 5 months
pregnant. This is going to be a rough holiday. 

Niki and I are
doing fine, If it wasn’t for her, I would have a lot harder time right now. 

I am going to update
her machine real soon with a 6 or 8gb drive. I want to play with QNX
while I’m there and actually experiment with it. I ordered some memory for the
LPX boards I ordered. I found out a way to actually use them with standard AT
power supplies. I will post a journal about how to get that working. I’m also
going to post "The QNX Chronicles" when I start. I loaded it on my
laptop Saturday and it actually loaded better than most *nix and actually better
than Caldera. It worked great with the laptop video, but since it has a Winmodem,
it couldn’t connect to the internet. I could get 1024×728 video in 32 bit color.
I played the version of Doom that comes with it. My sound card didn’t work,
but that’s trivial. I’m going to use a LPX machine as a test bed before I sell
the damn thing off. I’m going to sell the machines off as cheap internet terminals
running Windows98SE with 64mb of ram, 1gb disk, and a 166 processor. The AGP
and USB built into the motherboard will be a neat experimentation.