Pennies from Heaven

My formerly "good"
foot is hurting today. I have a slight pain in my sore foot’s big toe, and the
medication is way too much for me. I’ve shifted to the arthritis medicine that
I have instead of the pain killers. That stuff knocked me out. I’ve been treating
my foot today with a heat pad. I wasn’t able to soak my foot due to a water
main problem, but the electric heat pad seems to have helped. The pain is now
on the top of the foot after treatment. I’ll spend tomorrow after work, heating
my foot up for about 30 minutes. 

I have a new Hard
Drive in route for Niki’s machine. Once it gets here, I can reinstall Windows2k
and then she will have a system that can run almost anything and hold anything
she wants to put on it. 

Been working on
new ads and everything looks really nice. I’ve updated the websites, including
this one, and soon I’ll be working on another project involving ecommerce for
a friend. My former supervisor has resigned and now my department is truly running
"bare bones". When I came to my office, we had 10 people. Now we are
down to about 3 as of Friday. People have left, changed departments, resigned,
etc. It is odd walking around having people asking me "Who’s Next?"
or "You’re still here?" This is a good place to work and once we re-staff
it should be just a good as before. Then again we had about 2-3 different departments
in the house, oh well. 

Is the whole presidency
debacle over? Will Gore the Bore drop out? Will Dubya whoop someone’s ass? Will
Cheney get an new heart developed with a special polymer used in black boxes?
….no on the last one……actually we will know more about G&%D@*# Chads
and Florida law than we should care about. Keep the Electoral College, free
James…Robert Downey Jr., and Merry Christmas, I
need a drink.