Still Not Enough Time

Interesting read

I’ve been working
my keaster off today. The main website is in development, and I still need to
finish the intranet. I finished installing NetZero and Office2k today on Niki’s
machine. Next we will load some games and then load some of my development software.
I finished rebuilding my laptop so I am now back to the land of Win98.,…at
least at work anyway. Met Niki for dinner during her break at the mall. Just
that alone got me irritable (the mall did not Niki). I will possibly finish
Wednesday. I also reserved a nice room at the a hotel in Savannah for this weekend.
I’m still waiting for my new hub and mouse to arrive at work, so I can take
my hub back home. See how I’m swamped?

I need my days
next week to regroup. I’ve felt beat and lost my fight for the past few weeks
and it’s time I rest. Plus it’s going to snow here, so I want to be in wonderful
warm Savannah for a few days . Then I’ll come back, work some half days and
celebrate Christmas. Then work a few more days then celebrate New Years. 

I rarely drink,
but that Jagermeister gift set was looking
very tempting so I bought it. Two nice glasses and a nice bottle of that German-Robotusson
tasting drink in the dark green bottle. It’s sitting in a freezer until New
Years. I also got a small, actually tiny, bottle of Mitori Melon.  Not
bad, tastes like a honeydew melon. Niki’s peach schnapps is also in the freezer.
We’re not drinkers, really. I think we had a pint of Guinness in early October.
I’m Irish, I know the stereotypes, so I know my limits. I drink to taste not
drink to forget. I’ve seen way too many people drown their sorrows in alcohol,
only to keep drowning them until it’s too late. That’s just my perspective,
I mean this is coming from someone who didn’t drink until he was 22. It never
looked fun, so I kept away.