Well algore stepped
out with style…..Good now  we can move on. I have an evaluation tomorrow,
my 90 day. Actually I’ve been in the  Marketing department since February
so we’re about caught up 🙂 . I have to go over my job description with my Manager.
Actually I wrote my job description so I know I’ve met all of the guidelines
and beyond. I’ll have my yearly evaluation in March, and that’s where I’ll get
a raise.

I’ve been using
the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical on the Mac and I’m very amazed about how
well it tracks. I worked on a beautiful ad for our Hospice department that borrows
a graphic from the billboard artwork and some clipart. I borrowed a butterfly
from the ad, but I had to remove all of the junk around it. Zoom into 200% and
erase the jaggies on the edge of the graphic. Damn this works really well. I
am impressed. I wonder how well this does vs. a Watcom pad?/p>

Oh part 2 of "Media
Buyer Gifts", today I received a huge basket from another rep. This time
the basket contained Panera bread and pastries…MMM Good. I snagged the Olive
oil & tea from the basket. I’m glad I’ve been cutting back. I might look
like a friggin balloon before the holidays end.

Tomorrow will be
totally consumed by meetings. I will be in meetings from 10am-2pm (evaluations,
lunch meeting, departmental meeting). With my daily prep time (emails, reading,
calls) at 9am, a Christmas party (as a photographer) at 2pm, and needing to
burn a cd of the Hospice ad, I think I’ll be jumping.