Yep, today was
shot to hell……my evaluation was good, I need to redo my job description.
I need to have a list of goals for ’01 ready before I leave tomorrow. Had another
meeting, now I also need to have a concerns list for another meeting. Christmas
party was cool, good turnout. I have a divisional X-Mas party tomorrow, then
I’m off for about a week. Reed gave me a cool cd from Diffusion, (is that the
right name?) I’ve heard a single from them and liked it. CD rocks. 

I’ve held out for
an ASP-based content management system until the 1st of the year. I have some
ideas for the internet site at work, and I need to consult our Tech committee
here so, I can find out what they want. 2001 is going to be a busy world around

I’m going to Savannah
this weekend to see the artist formerly known as Hal Burgstrom and the Cult
of Xin-Loi.. Andy is actually his name and he graduates this weekend. It should
be nice to see some old friends and then spend a few days away from the cold
and work.