ID 10 T Abound

Went to a class
tonight for Diabetes Management, great class, explained a lot of the symptoms
I’ve had. It was kinda funny, they were listing symptoms and I was thinking,
"Had it, Had it, Didn’t Have it, Had it". I have more energy today,
blood sugar is under 200, but it really needs to be lower. I also need to damn
diet plan a.k.a "menu modification". I need to know what I can/can’t
eat. I’m learning that I’m having to cut back on carbs, bulk up on fiber, and
slim down protein. I’m eating some diet meals now, but I’ll need to eventually
cook at home more. I’m also planning on asking about how a vegetarian diet would
effect me. 

There was a point
that I had one vegetarian meal per week, salads, beans & rice, veggie dogs,
etc. This past fall I was planning one meal per day. Don’t get me wrong, I love
steak and all of that stuff, but this was more of a healthy effort. If you look
at a lot of the Italian cuisine, they used pastas, beans, salads because that
was plentiful. Blend everything with olive oil and you could stay healthy by
cutting back. I need protein in my diet, everyone does, and I love steak, chicken,
pork, etc. This was more of an effort to cut back, like a smoker would cut a
cigarette in half to limit the amount he/she smokes or in my case the amount
of times I go to IHOP.

Worked on a web
site today… eyes are healing back but I did a little too much. Ouch,
part of my class was telling me that it will take a month to get my eyes back
to normal 
Ok, I was saying I worked on a site today, actually I was
correcting a screw-up on my part. I designed a whole page for a healthcare plan
while I was ill. I looked at it and it pretty much looks like s%^t. Now they
will have a top notch site, complete with rollovers and graphics. I used a lot
of DHTML, so I hope it works out. It better I spent most of my day and killed
my eyes over it. 

I’m still playing
catch-up at work. Phone calls and meetings that were put on hold are having
to be re-scheduled and manipulated by my Dr’s appts. IF YOU  HAVEN’T HEARD
FROM ME, PLEASE BE PATIENT..I’m starting to get my energy back and my various
classes, appts, etc will take a lot of my time. But, a phone call or email 
is always welcomed.