Went to the diabetes
educator today and got a 2000 calorie diet. The only thing I’m really having
to adjust is the portion size. Three meals a day and one optional snack, not
bad. Blood Sugar didn’t get above 160 today. I’m amazed at what I can eat….the
only thing I’m really cutting back on is sugar and fat. That means no butter,
or very little and very little sugar. NutraSweet is o.k. and so are diet drinks.
I have a list of things that are "free" items, 1/4 cup salsa, lettuce,
pickles.  We had a small steak, corn, flat bread and salsa for dinner.
Add a glass of milk and that was a filling dinner. Actually a little more than
I had been eating with the pre-packaged stuff. I’m having to eat breakfast now,
so I guess I’ll get up 15-30 minutes earlier to do that. I grew up kinda eating
breakfast but it evolved into the "maybe as I’m driving in" or the
"business breakfast" type of meal. As far as changed in my routine,
it has only made me get up 15 minutes earlier and that is to plug in the iron
and check my blood. The evenings will need to be changed a bit more, no eating
after 8pm, but it will happen. Started walking today, and it dropped my blood
sugar fast. I need to sit down and try to plan my evenings out more. I have
more energy and I need to take advantage of it. 

Read up on some
of the new Apple offerings, I really like the new PowerBook. 1 inch thick and
nice, but it’s an Apple!.[mk July 2002 :I’m an idiot. I actually own one now….] What would I want to buy that machine? Apple is dropping
fast behind Linux and their major mistakes are slowing the company down faster
than in the mid 90’s. I like my B&W G3 and I think it’s a good computer,
but I would really rather have a PC that runs Win2k and Office2k. They run smooth
and I have very little problems with them. I’ve been dealing with Windows for
a while and I have no problems with it.

Office is a good package and I wouldn’t
change anything about the current edition. I do have some gripes with FrontPage,
but I wouldn’t trade it for Dreamweaver. Most of my gripes with FrontPage is
with the manner it handles cutting and pasting of scripts. But, I know how to
fix that. I paste into Notepad, then copy everything in the file, then paste
(CTRL-V) to FrontPage. I can then edit, if needed, in the HTML view of the screen.
NetObjects Fusion is a close 2nd. I’ve been trying version 5 and I do like it.
It’s one of those things I’m trying to wean myself from, but for a quick design
idea, it’s the best. I can do a layout in 5 minutes and have an idea of what
the page could look like. I have some difficulties with people who view FrontPage
as an inferior product. But then again it’s a personal choice of what I like.
I’ve tried Dreamweaver twice and I just hate it . People try to make things difficult
in their programs.