What should we be warned about?

I had an unique set of interviews, two candidates for the directorship of my
department, a.k.a the new boss. Two very knowledgeable people, one who
was web savvy and the other who needed to be sold on the idea of using the internet
for healthcare. It is one of the most searched items on the internet, of course
it’s not as high as warez, mp3s or porn but it’s still up there. My hospital
site gets a few hundred hits per day, this one gets a few dozen. I know that
in the year and 4 months it (the hospital’s site) has been up, we are about
to surpass the hits of the #1 hospital in town, we’re #3. My old VP’s and Manager’s
new gig is at the #1 hospital and I do plan on doing a good bit of friendly
ribbing about that. They’ve had about 2 years head start. But I digress…..

I’ve tweaked the
design a bit and noticed a little delay over a 56k modem. That will be corrected.
My plans to do some content management have been killed….I thought the process
through and I would have difficulty in archiving my topics. I always try to
incorporate some type of caching graphics on my sites, that way the other pages
will load faster, I’ve tried it with this page and will test a few more results.
I’m debating how to setup my resume and portfolio, my thumbnail program might
be over used soon.   I also have some mock-ups that are going to be
made public. 

This week will
be busy, my design for Premier…..actually my deadline
on the project is a week from today. I need to tweak the dhtml menus and finish
converting the data for Hamilton County from it’s old beta spec site format.
It’s really a neat design…..it uses a menu that is actually pulled from an
include page. I might have to go back and change that, but for the amount of
items in the menu it can wait. Jacob Nielsen
might not like it, but I do……for now. My next template design has it’s roots
in Mr. Nielsen’s books and theory of web design. He might cringe at the metaphorical
design of this site. I digress again…. My other deadlines are dealing with
billboards, an ad, writing tag lines, and the prospect of finding a new place
to live.

My trip to Atlanta
was fruitful….btw