Oh Power How I Love The

today fixing what I, the impatient-never satisfied-designer has worked on for
a few weeks. I ditched the dhtml menu system on the Premier site, deciding to use another
dhtml menu system that doesn�t involve graphics. It really improved the dl time
of the site. The same menu system will soon be in place here. I worked on it
a bit tonight, and it really helped. Really easy to configure too. I also had
to start developing a template for another project that was initially going
to be complete by the end of Q1. I have the layout, but I don�t know what the
damn thing is going to look like until I get the text complete. I�ll sit down
next week with the write to interview someone for the site. I also have another
project that I truly like�. can�t talk about it though.

As I sit here, eating Fat Free Fig Newtons�, I am
also reminded to talk about slow computers. Niki�s machine is a Pentium 200mmx
with 64mb of ram. I work on a 350mhz machine all day and when I go to her machine,
I don�t have a problem. I�m not all caught up in the mhz race, I don�t play
Quake or all that other junk. I just want systems that work well for a long
time. I think my home systems all range in age from 4-7 years old. Then again
they�re new to me.