I gots Mine

My new (well new
to me) laptop came in today, I have an appointment to look at a townhouse, and
my LAN at work is down. Ok I’ll start with the laptop…

It’s a Twinhead
(built by ARM) P90, 32mb of RAM, 1.2gb drive, sound, TV Out, gameport (good
for MIDI), and a docking station with a built-in mini-SCSI controller, Hayes
33.6 modem ( I have a 56k/10bt in my possession) and a CD-ROM. Nice small machine,
but the battery is trash and a hinge needs to be replaced. Played with it tonight
and finally got Win98 loaded. I had 95a, but I simply couldn’t do that. 95’s
drivers worked great for the PCCard, but 98 found it, configured it and set
it. Sound works, everything is good. It was a bitch to load a blank HD on that
machine, it simply wouldn’t see the swappable CD on boot. I attached my Original
Iomega Zip and used Guest.exe to see the drive without actually installing software.
I installed 95a from a zip disk. Got everything setup but I know that 98 would
be better. I’ve thought about installing NT4 on the laptop, maybe when I get
another drive and a memory upgrade this will happen. I have some questions about
this machine…..I would like to know if this uses an Intel Laptop P90 or a
full size one like my old Kiwi did. If this is the case, I should be able to
pop an upgrade chip in and POW! instant mmx166, just add water. I looked on
Twinhead’s site and it doesn’t list a p90 for the 8 series, only 100mhz and
up. It’s labeled correctly, and everything. I’m going to download some bios
updates and some patch files this week, and we’ll see how everything plays out.
I will also see if I can get a schematic, so I can take this puppy apart. 

YES, I found a
nice townhouse in the Bonny Oats area of Chattanooga. It’s near the Chickamauga
Lake and about 10 minutes from Niki. It will be about 40 minutes to work unfortunately.
They have a special, $99 deposit and half off the 1st month’s rent. I’m going
to tour it Thursday and hopefully it will be a nice place. If not, I have 2
other places to look. I sat down this weekend, in the raging cold I might add,
and came up with a budget for moving out. I could afford more than what I was
looking at. I had more money to play with, so I decided to find a nice quiet
place, that had 2 bedrooms and a w/d hookup. I figure that the 2nd bedroom would
be the drum/computer storage/office and would be great for when me and Niki
finally get hitched. I also decided to go ahead an invest in a Washer/Dryer
setup. The place is 1300sqft and it 2 stories.  

The LAN at work
has been down since Friday…….actually the IP segment I’m on is dead to the
world and I’m unable to get to the internet, the intranet, email, etc etc etc.
I had to use my "secret squirrel" connection, my old modem connection
in my old office to finalize the Premier site and to update the Hut.org site.
This is not the way I like to work. The guys blew a card in the Cisco router
or PIX, I’m not too sure (Later I found out that the problem was with a Fiber
Card in a Bay5000-mk1/23/2001
). Card was going to be in today. I pretty
much left in frustration since I need email and internet to do my job (Yes,
I actually do need these things!). It’s a funny problem since the people who
connect directly to the computer room work but everyone else on that segment
are dead in the water.  No patient care areas are effected, so the average
workers are the only ones with the problem. Our Terminal Servers (old Synoptics)
& some PCs are on a different segment actually a Class C and the PC are
on a Class B running through Cisco Switches and some nice Bay5000 hubs. We also
have a wireless segment on a 192.x.x.x segment. Everything, while I was in IS,
through a Cisco PIX box running NAT. Everything then went through that system
into McKesson/HBOC’s connection. It was overly secure and very slow. Now we
have a full T1 and everything has been split up. 

Finally, I changed
the menus at the tops of all the pages to a table/text based system with some
DHTML code added for the rollovers. It’s a nice system and actually cuts the
load time down quite a bit vs loading DHTML and Image Rollovers. Please use
this code if you want……..just view source in your browser and yes steal
this from me. I didn’t write it but you might learn from it. 

Sorry this was
a long post, but it was worth it wasn’t it?