Well it WAS cold.

I’m housesitting
this week so my posts will be slim. Friday we got about 2.5 inches of rain.
Went to the house and started to notice that a few lights were out and I wasn’t
hearing the sump pump. Went to the breaker box and didn’t see one tripped. I
turned on/off every breaker until everything started to work. I checked out
her basement and it was flooded…..damn flooded. Went up and it was cold. As
I went to sleep it kept getting colder and colder. Woke up a few times to make
sure that the breaker wasn’t tripped. Woke up f-ing freezing. Called the person
whom I’m housesitting for, she’s in NOLA, and let her know the situation. Got
the name and # of her handy man and called him. He sent someone over…..a few
hours later. I stayed around the house all day. Finally I had to leave, it was
way too cold. Went home and cooked, got a phone call from the furnace man and
the water shorted out a board. He replaced it and I came back to a toasty house.
I’m happy, the cat is happy and my landlord for the week is happy. I had a post
for Thursday last week, but I forgot to update. It’s online now.

I’ve been playing
around with my PseudoMac, a PowerComputing PowerWave 604/120 w/ 64mb of ram.
I did have a beta of SuSE on it, but apparently I put YellowDog back on at some
point. Loaded BootX and the YellowDog login appeared and it took me to a KDE
window. I was planning on loading NetBSD Multi Boot edition, but that will go
on my new laptop. I will download LinuxPPC to see if I like that better than
YD. I’m going to soup up the memory to 128mb and if I decide to say to hell
with it, it will be on eBay by February. I’m
really holding out on using this machine until I get online with my cable modem.
It would be a great box to learn linux with.