Just Playin’ the Game

Oh today was busy…..First
up, my Drs appt was good, my numbers have been normal for the past week and
my blood pressure is great (I’ve never had problems with it). I also lost a
pound. Yes, 1 measly pound. But then again, I’ve been eating less portions but
more meals. My exercise has been lax since I have a sore foot. 

Bob, the Twinhead
laptop, doesn’t like to connect to NetZero. I think I’m just going to install
95b, to speed it up and see if that corrects the problem(s). If not, the modem/ether
card shall be installed. I setup a RAM disk on it last night and that seemed
to speed it up. But then again, if I setup a 150mb swap file on any system it
would speed it up. 

I ran out of room
on my Blue & White G3 at work. Looked around and I have a folder of event
ads that is 3gb(!!!!). Some how I forget that I have a CD-R attached to the
machine. I started to archive the folders, make notes of what’s on them, copy
to CD-R, check the files, then delete the originals off of the Hard Disk. I’m
going to leave my graphics folder, I use the images on there daily and I really
don’t feel like pulling out a CD when I need to update a logo file. 

I finally got back
online at work, and had a grand total of 75 messages in my box. The fiber transceiver
wasn’t working for my hub and they had to get a replacement. It’s nice to be
able to update things that should have been updated last week :P. 

My meeting with
the consultant and their graphic artist went well and was productive. The artist
had a nice new G4 with the new Keyboards and Mice. He was using Photoshop 6,
it seems to have a better interface than 5. As soon as the budget shapes up
around here, it will be on my list. Well, that and a memory upgrade, HD upgrade,
MacOS update, maybe a g4 addon……

I’m starting to
work on a new site, and my first meeting tomorrow will be with the people who
want the site, a writer and myself. It will be a recruitment website for physicians.
My involvement will be as a project manager, I’ll design the pages and setup
the text and information like I want. The recruiters and the CEO will look at
it and see what they think. I have some ideas, but I haven’t been able to get
anything together since my connection here has been down. 

Tomorrow is not
going to be very productive, my newfound energy better be ready to run between
meetings. Later…..