And Our Flag Was Still……

Did more work on
the recruitment page, nothing too exciting. I’m packing my stuff tonight and
should have all of the big stuff ready. 

I did watch a little
TV and saw that the Georgia house has truly screwed their re-election chances
by going against most of the state of Georgia and voted a new flag in. The Atlanta
area is the only area that was strong against the flag, they also voted for
Gore as well. If we looked at other flags other ancestries could be offended
as well. I’m Irish and don’t you think the US flag looks like the Union Jack?
Think of the people that have been oppressed under the stars and stripes? We
aren’t about to pull that flag down…..I’m not advocating that. I’m proud to
be an American that lives in the great state of Georgia (well at least until
I move in ). 

If you sit and
look at a flag and say it is hateful just because 130+ years ago bad things
happened or some people in the 1950’s were rebelling, then I think there are
other things to worry about. Now before I am labeled a racist let me tell my
story….I worked for a YMCA in the early 90’s that was majority black. I felt
more at home there than in my neighborhood, with it’s rednecks and uneducated
oafs. I was treated with respect and I treated those who I served with respect.
I fought hard to make sure that the children I took care of were never put down
or allowed not to do their best. I dealt with a lot of families who were low
income and who used my program only because the government subsidized their
childcare. Among my peers I am one of the few that devoted the after high school
years serving others than myself….it wasn’t a selfless act, I got paid and
I got a personal gratification that I was doing good. I was brought up by my
grandparents and my mother… grandparents grew up in the depression, my
grandfather was a sharecropper’s son. They, I’m not excusing them, used the
"N" word in frequent conversations.. My mother and other family didn’t
use that word. I wasn’t brought up to use that word and I do get offended when
I hear it and other slurs towards people of color. 

The point I’m getting
to is this: I saw a lot of families who pretty much didn’t give a damn if the
flag had anything on it, they were more worried about where their next paycheck
was coming from and if their children would have enough to eat. If we as caring,
conscientious people get into a major scruff with organizations about a flag,
then we aren’t doing our part to to worry about what matters. Homelessness,
famine, and education should be our top priority, if the NCAA doesn’t want to
come to Georgia because of the flag, then that’s petty. They might bring in
the money, but then again, that money isn’t being used where it matters. The
big picture needs to been seen instead of this mini-cam view provided by politicians.