Same as it Ever Was…

“Yes I`m back and I think everything is back to normal. It`s been a busy week
and I do have some things to report. Lets start with Yesterday, Saturday. Niki
and I were…get this…chaperones for an Explorer troop for a trip to Six Flags
in Atlanta. It was crowded and had fun standing in the lines. It rained for
about 15 minutes and soon it became hot and miserable. We trekked back to the
minivan to eat lunch and it felt like hiking thru the desert. We ate, cooled
off and voted to come home early. Came back home and hung out at her parent`s
house. Had a great meal, sat on the nice porch and went home.

I played photographer for an open house. I got to meet some state politicians
and some local ones as well. Had a good time. I also had to submit my final
pro/con list about baby photos for the website. Hopefully they will go with
the company I like.

I started trying to learn the game of golf. My uncles are good golfers, have
been for a while and I think that intimidated me from learning. I only saw good
golfers, but recently I saw some pretty bad golfing and I said, “If they can
do it, so can I.”. My uncles have been very patient and I can at least make
contact with the ball. The driving range is right beside one of the busiest
roads in Catoosa County, Georgia. Occasionally people honk or yell “4” or
yell “miss”. It`s pretty funny…about 2-3 time it happened, after that you
just realized how much lack of originality there is in the world.


Well, thanks to some groovy instructions found on Stormix`s website, I now
have a system that started it`s Ethernet interface up upon boot. I`ve known
about the insmod command since this weekend and the ifconfig command as well.
So I now know how to load my NIC up in most set of *nix. AbiWord is running
great on this Storm system, but my apostrophes aren`t working and it`s really
annoying. Well I think I`m sold on Stormix. I like RedHat, really do but I feel
very comfortable using the Storms version of Debian. Even thought they`re out
of business, I don`t feel too concerned, I can get all of the updated packages
if I want. RedHat is great, it`s going on my laptop soon. Storm will stay on
Bluedog, or the IBM system that will be built from Bluedog`s parts. I`ve been
working today on my online Job Application. Its a neat idea.


I went to the Chugalug meeting. The weather turned bad so only 2 people turned
out. Had a great time and got to tour the computer room. They do a lot of collocation
and have some pretty awesome technology behind the scenes. They`re a pretty
much RedHat shop. Sat ate hotdogs, talked about what you have to go through
to get a Federal Reserve connection and the geeks involved. Talked about some
recent busts involving those lines and some their geekly stories.

I am still in the world of Debian. I tried to mess around with RedHat 7.1
some more, but Stormix was calling. I think im  going to see how I like
this for a few more weeks. Then I expect to try the real thing, Debian. This
is neat, Ximian Gnome is running, now if I could just get FVWM installed I would
be set, kinda. Bob, the laptop is being reassembled. I almost had a fire, the
IDE cable started smoking and glowed red then died. So, I can trash this, or
get a laptop form TwinHead for $12. With that laptop, I can install the badly
needed hinges for the screen and have a new ide cable. This would also allow
me to swap out the mouse for the nice trackball instead of the touch pad. We
will see how this works.

The idea for rebuilding Bob was after I finished working on a new box for
Niki, called box. Its a case without any cover, no drive faces, etc. Pretty
barren. Before she gets Bob back, I am planning on installing Stormix or possibly
RedHat. The autoboot command would work great on that machine and its swappable
cd/floppy combination.

I have a lot of phone contacts to make, I had to miss a friend`s party because
he called at 8 and I didn`t get home til 12. I need to call a few people and
let them know I haven`t forgot about anyone, but I`ve been super busy. More