M-80`s and a plastic jug

I had a really nice list of topics for discussion, apparently they didn`t
make it through the email system. So, I can`t remember what I was going to talk
about. Sorry.

Chattanooga is finally stepping up in the world….we`re getting a BestBuy.
“Ahh goodbye money, I hope BestBuy can use you.” I am however eager about
this because they normally need computer techs and sales people and if the price
is right enough, I might be persuaded to enter the retail arena again…at either
a full time or part time level. I`m taking the A+ in the next 30-45 days and
I`m going to see about the Apple certifications as well. The new store is going
in on Gunbarrel where the FoodMax was for years. Right across from the brand
spanking new Office Depot. So lets look at it this way, I have 3 nice computers
shops less than a mile away from my home.

Niki and I had a nice dinner at StickyFingers.
She had a nice dinner of ribs and I had the best BBQ sandwich I`ve had in a
while (excluding MyPlace in FtO). Went to B&N and finally to Books A Dozen
(Books a Million). I picked another guide for the A+ and took a peek at a few
Debian books. Came back and now I sit, typing this journal and looking at the
career listings for BestBuy.

Redmond Linux has released their r35. I`m going to try it later…they now
support hot swapping USB and a few nifty ideas. That might be an experiment
for Victor this weekend. I don`t want to mess up my Stormix install while RedHat
7.1 will sit on the laptop. That machine is the next for sale after my PowerComputing
system, a.k.a PseudoMac. The link is here.
Amazingly my Compaq, the 486/66 sells for about $60-75 bucks recently. That
amazed me, It was going for as low as $25 in February.

Have a Happy 4th, Have fun and Read this
before you play with fireworks.”