“Nothing much to write about

“Nothing much to write about today. Had a nice breakfast with Niki then we
went to a 4th party that her dad was giving. He is a member of the Water Commission
and the party was for the members and their family. Gene made a wonderful smoked
turkey and her mom, as always, made some great food that was scarfed down and
discussed for the rest of the evening. I wish I could cook like that. after
that we went to my mom`s place for hamburgers and to watch the fireworks from
Lake Winnie. The neighbors` show was far better than what little we could see
from the amusement park. I have some friends who live nearby and maybe they
put on the show. Maybe….

Did I mention that it was hot? Way too hot to even play horseshoes at her parent`s
house. Too hot to play baseball with nephews and such. But, we did all of the
above and had a great time doing it.

Mom`s computer is dead. So she is going to get Victor, the HP p166 machine.
So this weekend will be spend getting it ready for her and by Sunday she will
have a new (to her) machine. So that means one less system in the house…oh
wait, she has the system that is the twin to MadCow, so maybe I can get a simple
system together with that case and get my Grandmother a computer as well. Hmmm,
time to see what I can build to clear out my home from all of this stuff.

I`m having some database issues with this site. The news engine worked at work
with a conversion from the 97 format to the 2k format. Did the same here and
it didn`t work. There are a few funny things happening, that will be fixed this
weekend. I`m hoping to have the archives back and organized this weekend. This
new news engine doesn`t have archiving built in, so I`m going to break it down
each weekend.”