Fell Asleep on the Couch

“Ok, laptops are not my favorite thing, they`re more of a necessity in my line
of work. The new laptop, is working with a copy of Windows 95 and a copy of
Definite Linux. Definite is a RedHat 6-based distribution and the only one that
would install using the autoboot.bat file that is included in the dosutils folder
of most Linux distributions. I needed to install this way, since I have a swappable
floppy and the cd was already install in the laptop. It would only give me 640×480
resolution under gnome. So far it`s ok, Abiword isn`t installed and it`s using
Enlightenment under GNOME so soon I`m going to download FVWM and just use it
instead. I have a lot of room left considering I only have a 1.2gb drive. Partition
Magic is going to be used to resize the partitions, so my Win95 install will
have more room. I`m running a partition setup like this

100mb Windows 95
1gb   Linux
64mb Swap.

I have about 600mb free under Linux, so I`m going to cut that down to about
300 and give Windows 300 as well. Redhat 7 wanted to load up with Anaconda,
so until I can figure out how to have loadlin to use a text install, Definite
will be the definite (sorry bad pun) choice.

This laptop is just going to do simple HTML editing and internet access away
from home. It`s going to be used so I can work on a basic website (tables and
small graphics) and then transfer that back to the main system to do graphics
and scripting. I have a project due a week from today and I`m meeting with a
new potential client today. Plus I have a system to build for a family member.
It`s the IBM system I got in a week ago, so I`m going to swap drives and processors
and give it to them next week. Plus I have Niki and my anniversary next week,
and a planning meeting, and a visit to a client for some graphic work and the
possibility of another website to complete.

Wow, I do need a PDA to get everything straight. I`m going to hold off on
Linux until the new system is complete, then I`m going to install Linux then
Win4lin or bochs to emulate Windows and if that doesn`t work, then I`m going
to use the plan I put together a few days ago.

I really want an old NeXT Station. I like the old NeXT machines, partially
because of “The NeXT Big Thing” a book I have about NeXT and Steve Jobs. It`s
really great hardware, but Steve Jobs was a meglomanicial CEO. If it wasn`t
for him, IBM would have supported the system. I did get a bit of a letdown on
my NeXT research, the Nextstation Mono was really a fancy MacIIsi. Similar processor,
memory, etc. OS was different. The NeXT machines are cooler. I have too many
computers anyway, maybe when I have time and space I can start collecting again.
SGI systems might be more of a manageable addiction. They run Debian and would
be great for a geek like me. Ok, here is my new proclamation: MadCow`s replacement
will be a SGI and I will use that system until I find one.

Oh, and Geekreader.com has been updated…take a look”