Don’t go for it electric wave boy…

Nothing interesting today. Worked all afternoon on the new site and on a custom PHPNuke theme for Take a look, it’s not complete by any means but it looks good. I will soon have to design new icons and ditch the computer icons that came pre-installed. I also want to change some of the title bars, but that will wait until later this week. The new version of this site will be ready tomorrow…Monday. In less than 24 hours.

PHPNuke can be complicated, but if you’re not afraid of opening up a text editor and changing a few lines of code, it can be manageable. I created a new theme called “clear” but eventually it will be retitled “Safetyplace_Clear”. It’s based on the slash theme, but doesn’t look anything like it. This theme will not be released to the general public. I’m trying to get 2 other themes designed and maybe make those available.

Niki and I went with her parents to Chilhowee
Mountain near Ocooe, Tennessee. Wow that place is nice and they have some good
camping spots. My grandpa would kick my butt for even thinking about a camping
spot where you didn’t have to machette your way in, but this would be great
for a weekend excursion. We also drove up to the Olympic pavillion. I’m getting
the itch again to go rafting.