We always had musical instruments in the house. Always something to be creative with. My uncles lived with us for a while and at one point, they had purchased these classical, nylon string, guitars to learn how to play. They had some chord books and a few Glen Campbell songbooks, so that’s what I used when I wanted to play.

I went into my uncles’ room, and picked up the guitar and eventually figured out some chords. At one point, I wasn’t sg1f2ure if I would play drums or focus  on guitar. I liked the MTV view of a guitar player out front, but drums were cooler. I don’t, still don’t, like loud noises, but drums gave me confidence and after a few years of lessons, I didn’t want to play guitar.

Eventually, I got into rock bands and played live and on occasion, I would strum on a guitar to just try to come up with a song. Not bad to remember a chord some 30 years later. I have a few guitars and other stringed instruments. They sit on my wall, we pull them down an strum on them occasionally. They’re just more adornment in my musical house.